July 2, 2015

uups! that was not liked

i figured, that those green wonderful carrot tops should be eaten and wasted in the compost bin. i read that the greens are healthy and nutritious, and it seems perfectly ok to make smoothies with them. well as it turns out, mama is maybe a bit a nerd in regards to healthy foods...
carrot tops, milk, vanilla, a bit brown sugar (as my oldest suggested, that some sweetener would help), and orange juice. liked the taste, except that after adding the sugar it was too sweet. and the kids, well they didn't like it.

the following picture sequence is showing it clearly. and a big bravo to amos, as he drank the whole glas, even though the greens were still big enough to keep hanging between the teeth. and that was the big issue the kids had. it was not smooth at all, but grassy!

so here we are, trial and error, i need new ideas for carrot tops, any one know of a yummy recipe?

July 1, 2015

rhubarb :: the beautiful

i just could not say anything else to this wonderfully colored veggie. though right up first, sorry for no picture of the baked pastry... they didn't stay around long enough for me to catch.
i got an second big bunch of rhubarb from a neighbor and quickly had to caramelize some sugar for the rhubarb stew. a whole wheat puffy pastry dough was the base layer for this little treat. packed into the pocked is some rhubarb stew, the rhubarb is not too soft, just to the bite. a table spoon of sour creme, some bourbon vanilla was packed into the pastry besides the rhubarb stew.
the pocked was closed and a pink of brown sugar for garnish, into the oven and 20 minutes later everyone standing around tried the treat.

with the next batch of rhubarb i will bake a linzer tart....

there are more red currents on my neighbors bushes and i'm trying out an electric juicer, more when there is something to show for.

June 30, 2015

almond pesto

we have such nice basil growing in front of the house, iti's already the second time i'm able to make pesto this season. the plants are still delicate but not fragile anymore and i can clip off the tips and some more leafs for a good mixer jar full, add the nuts, ast time pecans, this time almonds (fair trade from gebana). a few garlic cloves, sea salt, ground balck pepper, lots of olive oil and some grated parmesan. all is being processed. sometimes it is a bit tricky, as i don't want the pesto to be super thin, but usually it works out. a gut amount of olive oil, get the first moments of processing done, if it just doesn't want to 'suck' down the rest of the leafs and cheese, i might have to stop the processer and push it down with a wooden spoon, that usually does the trick.

ready for consumption.
and one jar goes to my friend, with a bag of dinkel nudles, a special treat for a special event...