April 24, 2017

a lush afternoon

it was weekend, and after a super busy week, including saturday (kids camp all day, every day) i was more than happy to take it easy and not do anything on sunday  afternoon.
we rested, reading, sitting, chatting, enjoying the bright and warm spring rays. it was not hot at all, it was just warm enough to find a wind still spot to sun bathe.

the time was right to read and look at that luther comic, i liked it. as we call it the "luther year", or "500 years of reformation", there are a few historic novels and that kind of books on my desk. i also checked out this comic, which i hope, the kids will read and learn a snippet of history while enjoying it.
i have been reading this one and liked it a lot.

i'm in spring mode, wanting to plant, clean windows, hang laundry and so many more things....
and still, there will be cold nights, i have to be patient, wait with the flower boxes for one more week. the plants are in the garage, the planting has to wait just moment longer.

April 21, 2017

the week :: through the lens

it has been on the back burner, i have not been taking a lot of photos for a while now, and that should change. so i put the "hand made" lens back on the camera body and got started this week. it touched me in a special way, as i wander and have the camera ready be it in the kitchen, or living room table... this enables me to see with new eyes and i like it. we will see if it sticks, it is a start to a new friday review of what caught my eye. there is to be said, that i was inspired by erin boyle and her blog "reading my tea leaves". she does a wonderful job and it is so inspirational to have a look at her photos...

:: 1. let's jump high and far...

:: 2. on the way side

:: 3. bringing in from a morning run

the same this week, we are super busy with a kids camp, but those photos of last weekend had to make it into my friday selection....

April 19, 2017

hiking is surprising

also over easter, we went on a quickly planned hike. joel and his brother a put their heads together and came up with a kind of a short hike, but still interesting and full of surprises. great views above the rhine valley near fläsch.

a steep incline up the mozentobel and we were blown away how great the view was. of course one could have expected, but i was just hopping along, not thinking really what i would encounter. i just asked them, if there will be some snow fields, which was a clear no. so i put my sneakers on and felt like speedy concalez, compared to the two men and their mountain shoes...
well i was fine, but had to take the long rout once, while they climbed up a very steep grassy area, i would not have been able to get a good grip, so i ran a big "zig and zag" on the steady increase of a trail. no big deal, fine with me, they didn't have to wait long for me to catch up and i felt safe this way.
of course being on the trail with joel means, being off the trail and finding interesting paths or no paths to climb or even hang on to your life. i forget this, every time we set out. he has his gps and likes to go off the beaten path...
we got kind of lost for 20 minutes, of course we knew exactly where we were, but just could not find that "off the trail, trail". i had to smile and his brother was a good sport too. it is extremely fun with joel out there in the wild. and yes i will go again this summer!!!