July 28, 2015


 there are so many words allowing me to express the plenty or lavish amounts of the "things" we have. be it only, when we see the cups and bowels in our cupboards. not to mention all the food right now in the garden as well as at the market ending up on our tables. never ever had a member of my family to suffer hunger, not even a tiny little bit.
and then also making things, crafting and taking time to enjoy the making. we made soap balls, different flavors and herbs were used, all plentiful and fragrant and luscious to work with. in such good company with friends sitting around the table and working together, relish in the communal work. and at the end, being able to give it all away. very pleasing for me, to have this opportunities and a friend who instructed me in the craft of it.
what you not see here, we also made lip balm heating up bees wax, cocoa butter, almond oil and jojo, ba joil, and then filling it up into little tins. something i will be doing again with the girls. it was much fun and i'm sure it will be appreciated by my friends, as it is done without any color pigments (which are usually plastic particles)...
well there is a lot to learn from my friend d, who makes soap and more of all the natural cosmetics. i even got my shampoo soap, and i like it.

and then after all the working and making, there is more, there seems to be an invinite amount of sunshine this summer, and i love it, all of it!

July 27, 2015

enjoying community

it was a wonderful week in the swiss mountains. we went with over a dozen mama's and their children for a week long summer camp. it was definitely uncharted territory for us leaders as well as for the participating families. and it turned out to be a wonderfully blessed time we spent together. the kids were all ages (2-14 years old) and loved each other, played and laughed together.
starting out with the challenge of three strollers on the train, 3 different transverse... lots of luggage and we managed. the little town in the mountains was the best place for the week long stay. a wonderful fountain right in the middle of town, next to our group house was the welcome cooling place.

hiking and picnics, playing at the great madrisa play ground, after enjoying a long gondola ride, listening to stories and singing together, i feel so rich and glad to have been part of this camping week.
i have never been part of such a diverse group, in regards to nationalities. we were 16 families and represented 8 different nationalities.

every morning we were singing together, this was so joyful and really touched my heart. especially the kids, all of them chimed in, if not in german then in their mother tongue. with the guitar, clapping and pure joy of being together in fellowship.
lots of deep and personal conversations, learning from each other, be it about the child rearing, about personal struggles and the sharing our faith. what a blessed time, especially for those mamas which do not call the place they live their home land, but have are struggling with so many difficulties. i'm thankful for each of the ladies and their children, that they let me be part of their lifes, if only for one week...

July 21, 2015

all green

:: in front of our house
it's the green of my tomato plants and even the tomatoes will stay green, these are my green zebras. they do well and enjoy our wonderful hot and dry july weather. i'm watering every day, a good thing we have a hose right there, close to the plants. hauling all the water in watering cans would be too much for me. there is more green out front, the fig tree is full of fruit and has a lush foliage. i'm waiting and looking forward to harvest the fruit, a couple more weeks and the sweetness will be ready to eat.

 :: in the house
yesterday morning i got a bunch of wild flowers, i love these cow parsley. i just found out the english name for "kerbel". they stand in a vase on our living room table and i stand still to look at them. it's almost magic, a bit of wild and green.

:: behind our house
is our pool set up. i don't particularly like this algae green. it has been too hot over the past week and we didn't catch it right at it's onset, so we are now fighting algae. elias has been vacuuming the pool floor after we used some chemicals. i'm so hesitant with that algaecide though we will treat it once or twice and keep the water until the end of the season (maybe end of august...)
the kids and some other water loving folks don't mind it too much, the green look of our pool water. it's the not so pleasant green, if you ask me.