November 24, 2015

moments of still and craftiness

we are on a roll of all kinds of crafts. naomi found a pound of clay and then we started trying out to make some easy "tags" to go onto the gifts we are planning to make and wrap and decorate.
it has been very rewarding to work together and make things. not a lot of boundaries, just ideas and a look around some pinterest boards as well as this link...
that last link looks very cool and i'm tempted to spend next thursday afternoon taking out the clay again and get to work. we will see if i'm up to it, as i promised to myself, that i will be creative and give myself space to work, but not giving in to stress. not even if i feel like i really, really want to do it, but just can't find the quiet and still for that needed moment.
maybe it's the easy way out, but for now i do need this easy way out. there is a lot going on in our house, without me adding any more fuss or confusion to it!

so, let's stay focused and get the little moments, the few minutes of still, of quiet and celebrate those. those little bright glimpses of the advents time just around the corner.

November 23, 2015


we have been meeting with a few women from the neighborhood to bake christmas cookies for the bake sale on the coming wednesday. seven kinds we were able to make, anis, brunsli, spitzbuben, mailänderli, sugarcookies, sandele and spicy balls. all went well and we had a good time working together. as it usually is, a hand full of women working together in the kitchen, makes a whole lot of work getting done. so it also happened with the workings of those christmas cookies.
i'm very happy and we will be able to contribute our work and the money it makes for a project in southern sudan, literacy and peace education, farming projects for families. and then there is also the latrine project which is part of it. i'm very happy that we can support this project and it makes it even more meaningful, when i think of our neighbor ladies helping with the cookie baking, as most of them are immigrants and with this, they can be part of a big help project, which they so much want to, but very frequently end up to be put at the receiving end in our first world country in the midst of europe.

lets be neighbors and help each other, in so many different ways. teaching german, watching each others kids, mending pants, cooking meals for me.... that one is a wonderful help and a delicious one on top of it. our whole family loves turkish meals, or for that matter albanian dinners!

it is a blessing to live with neighbors from all kinds of countries and traditions.

November 18, 2015

bread on the table

feeding the big family and who ever else is sitting around our dinner table, got me back to baking bread. it is cooler now and kneading the bread dough is a good workout to make me feel warm. not just physically warm but also emotionally turning toward my people. the folks sitting down with me and my family to eat. it is a wonderful thing to be able to feed people and feed them well. simple and delicious it mostly is. soups have popped up on our table lately and lots of different kinds of breads.
for one reason or the other, i'm not able to bake the same kind of bread twice. it is what it is, mostly loved, sometimes a pinch too much salt, other times slightly blackened on one end. but it has been eaten every single time i served the loafs and that is what counts.

i also fetch bread from the äss-bar in the city, when ever i'm in town. there is still so much good in a one day old loaf of bread. and of course that's adding a big variety to our dinner tables, dinkel, rye, oat, sour-dough and many more....

sometimes i try out new recipes, the book from peter reihhart artisan breads every day is a good source too and of course my mom and my sister in law have been baking bread for a long while too.