April 17, 2014

dots of red on maundy thursday

this is a bit random, i know, though never the less i like the red in those two pictures. it's such a strong colour even though spring is usually not as subtle as it shows here. there is even more red around the house by now, tulips in all variations. the lilacs will not take much longer, it's all very early here in the heart of europe.

it's maundy thursday and i will take a few days off. to everyone a time of still and moments of easter joy to revel in.

April 16, 2014

holy week

on the living room table are my favorite spring flowers, i got a bunch of ranunculus last saturday, and i love them. together with a few branches hazel, cut weeks ago from behind the house. they have been growing leafs and make for a good simple bouquet. we have entered holy week, i try to keep it simple and take a moment to be still a few times a day. just to be, and focus on the one thing i feel is so needed. to remember and being still.

moments to remember and slow down the daily grind of life. it's good and i realize that i live more in the moment and enjoy it. even sitting and jotting down a few words to give my thoughts a place to be has happened today. an awareness of being thankful and giving thanks.

April 15, 2014

wote life

we got tickets way back in december, as soon as we knew wote is going to play in zurich. amos and i brought sandwiches along and met joel and elias in zurich, just on time for the door to fling wide open and we were so excited. we have been watching and listening their songs on youtube for a while already, and we loved them. so the opportunity to see them life had to be taken advantage off and the four of us went and enjoyed.

so very creative and versatile the group is playing music is just so much fun to watch and listen to. it got late, very late for the boys, and we all had to get up today. we did and it was so helpful to see the sun rising and have it brightly shining into this new day.