September 22, 2017

the week :: through the lens

it has been on the back burner, i have not been taking a lot of photos for a while now, and that should change. so i put the "hand made" lens back on the camera body and got started this week. it touched me in a special way, as i wander and have the camera ready be it in the kitchen, or living room table... this enables me to see with new eyes and i like it. we will see if it sticks, it is a start to a new friday review of what caught my eye. there is to be said, that i was inspired by erin boyle and her blog "reading my tea leaves". she does a wonderful job and it is so inspirational to have a look at her photos...

:: 1. a very simple bouquet on our kitchen table

 :: 2. the rusty gutter pipe, not fun, but casting a wonderful shadow

:: 3. the chickens are laying eggs in very different sizes and shapes

:: 4. baking the third kind of cakes this week. lemon-apple-cinnamon

:: 5. studying math, amos is a wonderful tudor, and inbetween there is some magical music...

September 21, 2017

under construction III

a lot has been going on on with our construction site. the roof is leak proof, we know this for a fact. it has been raining a lot over the past week and never have i seen any drop or water lines on this or that wall. the metal worker has started to work up there too, "dressing" the chimney with a pretty copper skirt. gutters are being put up again and all is going well under the warming autumn sun of yesterday and today. no rain on those two days, which is nice for a change.

there are many little details, which i enjoy looking at, while still new and shiny. and of course the scaffolding makes it possible to climb up and enjoy the view high over the usual, very down to earth view points.
there have been little picturesque sights, like those gutters or below a hand full of new screws in different sizes. i love to wander and take it all in. it is also exciting to talk a bit with the workers and learn all kinds of interresting facts about the work they do and the way things work. there are also unfamiliar smells in the air, as the metal worker is welding...

September 20, 2017

the odessea of tomatoes

i didn't have a big harvest, but just enjoyed the tomato plants anyway. i loved the ones we were able to pick and eat. in order to have them again next summer, i decided to try harvesting the seeds. it should work as it is an heirloom tomato.
and never the less, doing the washing and sorting the seeds, i enjoy the wonderful color those veggies provide. it's so fully red and strong in pigment, that i forget the tiny harvest...

well i put the seeds into the soil way too late and in switzerland, we just are geographically located too far north. the season is short and my plants were not strong enough early in summer. they carry some fruit right now, but those tomatoes will stay green... it has not been a summer with great plants and big harvests since i moved back to switzerland. and still i try every year, i can't go without trying and i shall not forget to put the seeds into the soil in early march next year, to have the plants ready by mid may and not mid june like this year. big fat note to myself!