March 26, 2015

to be happy

it was last week, when i needed to bring catkin home from the woods. i love those bare branches with just a little silver hair showing.
on my morning run i was looking around and of course instead of seeing the catkin, i first saw all kinds of other things. and as it happens mostli litter! i ended up with a plastic bag, which i found, filled with 5 cans, 1 cd including cover, a card board box which at one time contained popsicles, two morek plastic bags and a magazine. it all was collected within 50 feet of a trash bin! well, just as i wanted to pick up two more cans (i did pick them up) i was spying a wonderful big branch laying on the ground, it was a catkin branch. this is how i was blessed with the pretty branches now standing in a vase on our kitchen table.
when such "incidents" happen, then i'm just very thankful.
and within a week now, the catkin is in full bloom! i added three dark red frinshed tulips to the bouquet, and it brings me spring joy each and every morning i come down to set the table for breakfast.

March 25, 2015

the mini grill

there were a few hours on hand where amos and his kollegue didn't know what to do. looking through make magazine is allways a very inspirational thing, so, that's what we sent them to do. come up with a project you want to make. with the emphazise on make and wanting to be crafty.
quickly they found this fun yakitori grill, joel encouraged them to take the challenge and got the boys going with  a material list as well as figureing out what kind of tools were needed as well.
big tin cans were found in our garage. so it turned into an upcicling project, which made me smile...
the onlz new think we had to buy, was a pair of rivet pliers, at the local hardware store and some new metall sawing blades.
everything was prepared, and then the project stalled...
it was put aside for a while, but then two weeks later it got picked up again on a saturday. a sunny afternoon and joel had time to work with amos. it was fun, a bit loud while the sawing went on. the grill is now done, but the skewers still need to be made, though it will happen and spring is bringing warmer weather alongside, so i'm sure i will be served some wonderful grilled dinner some day soon!

March 23, 2015

taking photos

by joel

now and than joel is taking the camera into his hands. well what can i say, he is very good at taking pictures, very thoughfull and precise. there is lots of adjustments and clicking going on. all super patient and focused.
it is fun to watch him and sometimes i'm just not patient enough to keep watching and waiting until all his settings are the way he want's it. but once in a while i'm even bracing myself to ask him a few questions in the hopes i can learn from him and improve my photography skills.
i got a photography book for christmas. now and then i'm looking at it and even read how the photos have been taken. it's a nice book and easy to put into practice waht's beeing discussed for each picture. "sehen lernen" by banek & banek

and this one, i think turned out just very nice, our cat, maunz looking out the window. there were a few more, some of them one could see the whiskers, well i chose this one. the shiloutte was what i liked best.