May 25, 2018

the week through the lens

it has been on the back burner, i have not been taking a lot of photos for a while now, and that should change. so i put the "hand made" lens back on the camera body and got started this week. it touched me in a special way, as i wander and have the camera ready be it in the kitchen, or living room table... this enables me to see with new eyes and i like it. we will see if it sticks, it is a start to a new friday review of what caught my eye. there is to be said, that i was inspired by erin boyle and her blog "reading my tea leaves". she does a wonderful job and it is so inspirational to have a look at her photos...

:: 1. it was wonderful as well as loud with all the bells

:: 2. late spring in full bloom

:: 3. work in progress

:: 4. so far 5 little chicks and a very gentle and caring mama

:: 5. o so yummy, i love this soap from cocooning, a swiss product...

May 24, 2018

hiking through the appenzellerland

we planned to hike with our friends long ago and originally intended to do something in the mountains. as the snow was still close and the forecast was set for rain, we decided to go for a route in the hill country of appenzell. we started out in herisau and went via saum toward stein.

on the way down to the urnäsch tobel. of course we could not just take any regular bridge, it had to be something special, the one next to the water pipes...

 many a hiking path led us through the pastures. i was very aprehensive about this, but the path was clearly marked and we could see, that it was the only path leading us along those wonderfully yellow marked hiking paths (they are the same all over switzerland).

to my surprise up there on top of hundwiler höhe, the pine trees just experience their spring and are in full bloom. in the lower lands of switzerland this happened two weeks ago...
from stein toward haslen, and then up to the "hundwiler höhi". it was still not raining as we originally predicted and planned for.

absolutely stunning, the local architecture. so many windows and low sealings...
it ended up to be a wonderful day, no rain no thunder or any kind of storms. unexpectedly warm and bright. we loved the 6h of walking up and down and across those bridges. through lush forests and blooming meadows, greeting the cows and goats and being barked at by many a appenzeller dog. zürchersmühle was the town where we hopped on the regional train, which brought us back to herisau. o "appenzellerland" you are pretty and lovely to be discovered.

and following all the details my dear husband was planning and doing the math and fidgeting around to come up with a good looking map and a intelligent diagram...

May 23, 2018

up dating the list

looking back what i have done the past few months...
what's checked off my list for  this year and where i'm headed toward. i love lists and it is so much fun to check off what's done and what i still can look forward to do!

this years list is a bit different, but not so much. just trying to keep life in check, be ready for surprises and of course list writing. i have been adding asterixs for things accomplished. and then i have to add to some letters, just because i love life and list-writing!

:: applaude my children when they accomplish what they have set out to do. and also when they
              bring home good grades. i have been very hesitant to take notice of their grades, as i don't
              think that they are very important. but the kids kind of think so...
             * some of the kids have been writing good grades, that made it easy to applaude, one passed
              an exame which made me applaude.
:: balance the tasks and things i want to do, so it doesn't push me to hard and i feel rather constrained
              and pushed in the corner by the things i commited and must do's.
             * i had one week at the beginning of april, i pulled the brakes and got myself into a time out.
:: choose to buy second hand clothes and if not possible fair trade, even for hard to find items.
:: devote an hour a week to taking better photos, reading the book "sehen lernen" by banek banek.
:: eat out with friends. maybe just with joel, i think i would very much enjoy that.
:: fermenting has become a bit of a magic process for me. in this respect i want to keep the
               kombucha going and in general try some more recipes on fermenting and conserving food
               like eggs in vinegar or belle peppers and making herbed vinegar myself.
:: go on an adventure with naomi.
              * we went shopping once for pants for her, it was fun.
:: hand-stitch some kind of project, a new tiny series would be a wonderful challenge.
              :: hiking with good friends
              * we did so and it was absolutely the best day since a while.
:: insist and be consequent on the issues of an earth friendly life stile, like buying bulk and bring my
              own mug to the coffee shop.
             * i regularely stop by "bare ware" at steinberggasse and buy oats and millet in 5kg bags. As
             well as loose tea and some of the vinegar.
:: jogg maybe i could say run 4 times a week, this would be perfect 3 short runs and a long one.
             * this is going well and it is refreshing.
:: knit one item a month, be it mittens, a shawl or a hat, maybe the linnen tunica liesl which i got
               started on and stopped and unraveled again...
:: look at natures beauty once more. take the moment to observe the bird playing with the wind.
              * i spotted some wood peckers and observed how our chickadees are looking for worms.
              well, there is potential...
:: maybe just be brave to not set every thing and every plan in stone, but be flexible and bendable
               with scheduling and enjoy the freedome in that
:: nurture my spiritual life with still and times of prayer on a regular basis
:: organize a little house concert
               this was on my list for the past couple years, and i'm so excited about the event in planning,
               i will keep you posted.
               * we had a house concert in march and it was delightful. we have to do this again...
:: protect the space and needs of our children in our community household. this is sometimes a bit of
               a challenge, as we live in community and share our kitchen table and living room space with
               8 more people in our household. it is important to me and i need to remind myself to very
               sensitive of this issue.
              * this one is definitely in check. there have been two moments when i had to stand up for it,
               and i did.
:: quilt the granny square quilt
              i want to keep this on my list and check off until the summer
:: reading for enjoyment, pleasur as well as education
                The Children Act by Ian McEwan
                A Spool of blue thread by Anne Tyler (a bit boring)
                Daring to drive by Manal Al-Sharif
                Wie Adam, Eva und die Evolution zusammenpassen by Timothy Keller
                Schottland: Whisky, Seetang und karierte Röcke by Rolf Sotcheck
                Gardening with Chickens by Steele
:: sew a few baby kimonos
               * in the making :)
:: teach with lots of enthusiasm and joy in my reglion classes at church. i want to put my
               knowledge and passion into this new challenge.
:: utilize my energy and the space i live in, to hoste gatherings and have people come and visit
:: visit friends abroad, the plan is for summer: go to london and visit the b's and travel to schottland
               too, this is in planning and so super exciting
:: watch a good movie in the theather with a friend
              this didn't happen last year, but maybe after ski vacation there will be an evening...
              * we went and saw the "phantom thread", i really liked it. a good night out with my friend.
              and that was not enough, we invited friends and watched "three billboards outside ebbing"
              which was very good too.
:: relax a bit more, not everything needs to be handled and talked through with the urgency and high
              flying emotion it is being brought to my attention.
              * just this week, i decided to walk off and go for a run. it was a good alternative as the
              person i was trying to explain something to, decidedly didn't want to understand. i was
              i was relaxed after the running and let go of it.
:: yearn for the peace that God puts in my heart and the every day rythm of things.
:: zeroing in on the important stuff and let go of every thing else.