September 27, 2016

summer squash

we have lots of summer squash and kids who are not very fond of it...
and we have chickens which started to lay eggs! this is wonderful, as most of us like eggs in any kind or fashion.
this led to "summer piccata" as i started to call those meals with summer squash dipped in flower, egg and grated cheese. and i discovered, that some more people around the table really like the preparation of the yellow vegetable in this fashion.
still thea doesn't. for her is the left over egg-cheese-omelet, which is baked in the frying pan after all the squash slices are dipped and fried in the pan.

as it has been wonderful weather, we enjoyed some out of door lunches, just on our balcony, even under the shade, it has been perfect and very enjoyable. we try to get the most out of the season.

September 26, 2016


sorry for being absent most of last week. it has been a week with too many days away from home and there was not a moment left to think of me blogging....

it's ok, i learn to be absent too. it has been a good journey over the past years, to write and post photos and be focused on the daily grind. it's mostly up beat and the sunny side of my and my families life, and that is fine. when i look back and skim through the archives, it makes me very thankful, so i guess that's what it is all about, thankfulness, not to forget the many blessings and adventures i have been given.

yesterday was such a wonderful sunday. simple and no big leaps, just good community, wonderful fellowship at church and after. in our garden with a few friends, some planned for lunch and some more just dropping in. the kids loved it too, it seems like home has been the comfortable place to hang and rejuvenate for an other week with two days in school for me and a few more meetings to keep in mind as well as the kids schedule to keep straight. it will go well and the monday laundry is almost done too!

a good start into this week, and i'm thankful to hang the laundry in the garden. thankful the sun is out and my morning run is back on track.

September 21, 2016

raspberrie tiramisu

those pictures show how wonderfully delicious this raspberrie tiramisu was. just super good. my sister in law is the dessert master in the family and we all love her for it. we love her regardless, but her desserts we absolutely don't want to miss either. she has a good hand for sweets as her blog might show...

but better than her blog is really tasting the "hand crafted art". this time we got to eat a raspberrie tiramisu, so moist, rich in flavor and light in consistency, wow and yes i would take a second serving. and so it didn't take all afternoon, the dish was empty and we all were happy.
of course the chocolate-zucchini cake was delicious too, never mind. i guess the two together were a perfect pair.

no eggs in the tiramisu and lots of raspberries... thank you j for treating us with such a gift of dessert.

and then after writing this post, i noticed, that this is the second post in a row about food, and both times not food i prepared, what's going on here! this is a bit unusual but for the time we are in, it seems quiet fitting. as we spent the weekend away and i'm in school two days this week. i'm sure this will change again, but for the moment, i enjoy it all.