March 28, 2006

wir baden im zuber!
das ist toll, ein echter genuss. im freien hinter dem haus, wenns regnet plantschen wir im warmen wasser. "ich will tomorrow dae ganzi tag badä" ruft erklaert mir elias vor dem einschlafen.

March 25, 2006

It is not
half so important
to know
to feel.

Rachel Carson
the kitchenfloor is washed, fresh scones and bread in the box, the drier running in the basement, the kids in bed and joel whisteling away in the living room. that's how i love saturday evenings. i even got to publish my first photo on this blog. somehow i'm surprised what i was able to fit into the last three four hours.

my son strategizing how to beat dad.
he made his own chess figures and board, out of plywood and learned to handle the scroll saw. the board is painted and laminated. we all have fun using the set.

March 22, 2006

the second morning in spring... where is the sun? where the spring flowers? i'm craving warmth and colour!
naomi is pushing me out of my cozy comfortable bed... any way, lets get up and celebrate a new rising of the sun.
getting the coffee going, steeping my tee and setting the table. after a plate is broken into pieces we can finaly sit down and start our breakfast. wow it can be peaceful in our kitchen. i guess we need all the kids mouth stuffed with yummie bread ...
cleaning up, brushing all the teeth and starting out with elias's math. on the side is a coffee cake in the making, amos and naomi enjoying their time with our house guests.
coffee for joel as well as a bowl of cereal, he is already working hard up stairs, i love to serve him a bit of our kitchen flavors.
cake in the oven, amos out of the house, naomi licking the batter spoon and bowl, elias doing his language arts, time is flying and i still don't know what to serve for lunch.... but i'm at peace about this one.