July 31, 2012

last week on the mountains

here we go, this has been the hiking and enjoying of views from the mountains....
we hiked up to the brienzer rothhorn (we startet at the wiler vorsaess), the wilerhorn, down to bruenig train station and joel together with the boys, did an extra hike. they were driving up to axalp and then hiked up on the tschingel and the axalphorn.
lots of wonderful summer weather until the last day, when it rained and we had to leave the hut and hike down to the train station. surprisingly well was thea doing, she loved to run ahead and was keeping the pace we had. i'm so happy about all my wonderful hikers, this will lead to many more outdoor adventures, i'm certain of it.

o yes and there in the middle are two photos which elias has taken at the ballenberg. the open air museum we visited on thursday, lots of old houses and traditional handy crafts.

July 30, 2012

last week @ the alp hut

we stayed above brienzwiler in an alp hut for one week. a wonderful little place on this planet earth, away from tourists, away from most everything, living our family life, our way and absolutely loving it.
we did it last year too, here. this time we decided to have a bit a newer lodging place with some solar-panels on the roof for light in the evenings and a very nice kitchen, even though i absolutely loved last years out of door hearth...

we enjoyed wonderful weather, made yummy food and played lots of bananagrams, tutto and got to read more than i expected and especially the boys were often sitting somewhere in or around the house with a book in their hands. lots of wood got split and the alpine meadows were in full bloom all around us.

more to come, we did lots of hiking...

July 21, 2012

up in the mountains

we are heading out today. bags packed, train tickets printed and full of joy and expectations.
a week amid the wonderful mountains of switzerland. in the bruenig region, living in a renovated alp hut. without electricity, lots of rock and mountain pastures around us, the hatched is packed as we will be cooking over the fire.

see you back here in 10 days.

July 20, 2012

{this moment}

A Friday ritual.
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

July 19, 2012

kistenpass and kistenstoeckli

so this are a few pics of our wonderful hike up in the mountains of glarus. not a lot to be added to this photos, some of them by me but it was mostly joel taking the pics.
the "kistenpass huette" was an excellent place to stay over night, thanks to hansueli the host. yesterday was perfect for the steep hike up to "kistenstoeckli" (the peak on the left side of the last photo).

of course there would be lot's to tell you about, but i just don't have the muse to do so. of course there is a nice panorama from a top of the kistenstoeckli...

one more note, there is a huge construction site up at the muttsee see for yourself here, as you might imagine not pretty but never the less fascinating.

July 16, 2012

the big dessert buffet followed by "the day after" hike

we celebrated my pa's 70th birthday, a wonderful celebration with friends and family at the place my father grew up and lived for almost all his life. wow how great is this, my sister in law, the farmer's wife prepared such wonderful desserts. each and everyone was at awe and enjoyed each and every little crumb and berry, thank you j.

and then the day after, of course we could not just go home without some more time spent with the wonderful uncle b! a short hike and making a fire was the big excitement for the girls. thank you dear uncle b for the fun.

the big kids are now all at camp, enjoying the big great outdoors, thea will be on a little vacation at the grandparents house, joel and i will be on an alpine 2 day hiking tour. i'm so much looking forward and certainly there will be a little bit on this blog to come...

July 12, 2012

friends visiting

our friends arrived and i'm so happy to have a & a visiting. the boys are super excited to have their friend for the next four weeks. fun lots of fun and joy. of course for me there was a many goodies coming, which i usually don't have. i'm hesitating when it comes to international shipping, and then still there is lots of my lovely fabrics and wool coming across the ocean when we have friends visiting. yeah!
so there we go, i realize that i splurged a couple months ago. and i love the loot! thank you friends for the treasure.

July 11, 2012

lots of colour in the works

with just two days left until the big birthday celebration the girls wanted to take out the paints. of course there was not just the paper which had to be "made" into something, there was also the teachers gift...
a few weeks back, naomi planted sunflower seeds and the pot was not very nice in her opinion. it very much needed a coat of paints to be dressed with. i love her little striped pot and meanwhile i could not stop crocheting. i finished this weeks granny squares already on sunday so i had to come up with something else...
at the library this book was flipped through by me and i liked it right away. i liked the shawl it had a depiction of, but ended up doing a quick jelly jar topper. perfect for a little summer present as needed tomorrow for a friend.
o well wednesday flew by too quick, i was trimming hedges once more, it was lots of cutting and sawing and feeling sad about it. as i had to cut off way too much, though the street cleaning machine needs the space and i was told by the police that we have to trim it back that much. well it's done and i'm sure the shrubs will grow back even stronger. and that's good.

July 10, 2012

red current jelly and more of today

the last bowl of red currents is harvested. the jelly cooked and labeled.
a good neighbor i have, she asked me to harvest her two bushes and so we did. there was twice wonderful red current cake made this past week and thea's new friend s has become a big fan of our mid afternoon snack. isn't it wonderful to bond with neighbors.
it is busy today, once more a little concert, tonight it's the drums, amos is action. i love his concerts, his teacher is a very gifted person and amos learns well with him. the special thing at those concerts is, that he is also teaching mentally disabled kids. the connection between teacher and chil/youth is just brilliant, what he is enabling those students to do is wonderful. so i'm absolutely excited to go and enjoy.
a wonderful reward for the busy day, today.

July 9, 2012

a monday this summer

didn't quiet turn out the way i was originally planning. o well, it's fine with me, i got a lot accomplished and the sun is shining. the kids are swimming in the pool behind the house and are all happy. that matters.
i also got the granny squares for week 8 accomplished yesterday, it was fun to do so. the sampler project is going well with me.
four loads of laundry done, dried in the warm afternoon breeze, this is just the best about doing laundry under the chestnut tree and bringing it all in late afternoon.
and of course the day got all scrambled as i figured i wanted to trim the hedges on the side of the house, toward the street. they needed a trim very badly, for a couple weeks now it was kind of dangerous and i was expecting the police to stop by and give me a fine for not cutting.
so i got started and did well, it was a three hour job and my afternoon was done for!
happy and tired i will get ready for the play elias and his class put on for family and friends a bit later today. o well it was just the start into a very busy week. will let you know what else is going on besides the usual, every day things...
maybe i can squeeze in a dress for thea, must maybe.