May 15, 2006

it finaly happened...
bekka called to let me know elias left her house, so i knew he will run into our house within the next few minutes. i hung the phone up and went outside to put the carbage and recicling containers out on the curb. looking down the street to see if elias has come around the corner yet. i could not beliefe my eyes, a police cruiser just stopped and a cop hopped out to stop elias and chat with him! i stayed on the side walk and observed what the next thing to come will be.... i held my breath, this was the long expected moment, taking place right in front of my own eyes!
we are in the united states of america and it is not normal that an almost 7 year old child is walking around the corner allone, to visit a friend, or come home after a play date!
i started breathing againe, elias keeps on walking, making his way home. the police cruiser slowly following on his heals, this is too much. a personal escort!
i feared for this to happen since i he was walking over to iris house in the fall. i was very certain nobody would snatch my boy, but the police!
(i guess i'm still too european and just do what my gut feeling tells me to. to teach my kid to enjoy the freedome given.)

May 7, 2006

wake up the earth, one of jp's important festivals. it is colourfull, childfriendly, diverse in any possible direction, and ton's of fun!
amos and i did wake up too, and enjoyed a ride on the cardbord slide, yeah!!!