June 13, 2006

i have never been watching a soccer match in full length all my life. but today i did! together with my two boys, our brasilian friend and his baby boy...
what is happening to me?
i guess one more push on not becomming too american!
trying to get my kids interested in soccer instead of some american "sports" like football, baseball..... is this my still totally european mindset? is this my inner longing to keep european or what the heck is going on with me! i realize i do feel very strong about my kids beeing involved in sports, but it has to be a real sport. to home school it turnes out, is helpful in not running with the crowd and them wanting to do T-ball what ever this is (i never investigated this one bit more, it sounded too much like a starter into baseball).
i don't want to put anyone off, this is just an honest observation of myself, i guess...

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