March 9, 2017

mudseaon upon us

i just wanted to give our chickens a bit of exposure, i love them and they are such productive egg producers, they didn't stop all winter long.

as for now, it's muddy in their yard, which they don't mind but i'm looking forward to have the ladies roam in the whole garden again. so, don't fly just stay grounded my lady birds.

and now over the course of the last two days (that's when i started this post), it got so muddy, that the chicken's feet are not visible anymore. i had to let them out to roam and forage in the garden. they are a bit overwhelmed and super happy to peck around the compost as well as the grass. once more i realized, as soon as i observed them on the lawn, that they scratch and peck especially on places, where moos is growing. i welcome this behavior and encourage them to do some more of this "lawn care"....

so far so good, one chicken was being pecked on over the past two weeks, so i hope this "free ranging" will take care of this too. and having rambled about our chickens, they grew very close to me and in all of them love people, don't run away from us anymore, it almost seems like they love to be pet. and that si very cool especially for the kids in the house. they do fulfill their therapeutic purpose and maybe even substitute for some visits at the psychologist, as they listen and intently wait until one feeds and talks to them.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

How wonderful that you have chickens that can roam freely. There are so many predators around here that we would have to keep chickens in a well protected coop. I look forward to more chicken photos when mud season is done!! xo

~ Wendy