March 30, 2017

stretching in a good way

it has been and will be a bit much time, i'm spending in the city this spring. it's where my school is located... and as i mentioned, i'm taking two classes at this time so i'm out of the house either two whole days or one and a half day a week. it is definitely stretching me a bit much. though the classes are interesting and i learn a lot, there is an other paper due by may 5th. so far it is all under control, thanks to two of my friends, one takes care of the thea on tuesdays for lunch and the other one on fridays for lunch for both girls as well as thea can stay with her all afternoon! how generous is that. and the girls love this setting.
it is really helpful, as there is still a clear structure to thea's day, and that keeps her well. she is such a "hans guck in die luft" and can easy forget that she has to eat or go to school or start doing her homework. forget about sticking with a task.
the mornings are working out fine too. as joel and i leave at 7:30am, the gib kids are either already out of the house or leaving later on their own. the kitchen timer has been working fine for thea. she is usually all done with chores and brushing her teeth, sitting at the kitchen table reading or coloring until the alarm goes off. it has been going fine, which is great. she absolutely loves this freedom of hers. being in charge of her time, makes her proud! what a great little benefit.

it stretches my mama being, but in a good way, o those kids are growing up so fast!

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