March 27, 2017

life as it is now

it was a busy weekend, more like the past four days i was kept from the blog writing. once it was the decision of either go for a run or write, which was decided toward my bodily fitness. and friday was a school day, knowing saturday afternoon was occupied too. so no computer time was left, besides getting the home work done, which i had to hand in this morning.

of course there was sunday. and that was good, needed and helpful, though on sundays i stay away from the computer, just if i really really have to turn it on, i will do it. and that need was not established.

well so here i am, monday afternoon already. i dusted and cleaned our bedroom, the bathroom, went for a run, hung three loads of laundry on the line in the sunshine of this lovely spring day. chatted with the chickens. cooked lunch, today was omelettes for three kids and me. and after lunch thea and i got to practice the cello as we usually do after lunch. in the coming hours there will be a run to the post office, to the grocery store, working on some crafts for kids camp which have to be presentable next week at a meeting....

i will be busy this week, with two more school days, so if i chicken out and don't post, that's just my life right now, it will change again. but for now, that's what it is.

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