March 20, 2017

weekending with friends

our friends showed up for dessert on sunday afternoon. i was full of happiness and joy, looking forward to spend sunday with them. it has been a while, as they moved across the city half a year ago and attend a local church there now. we enjoyed each others company a lot, many sunday afternoons, after church we enjoyed one another's garden or went to the woods for a big fire or just grilling this or that...
so i prepared a yummy selection of comfort food, a simple tart with a bit of white chocolate covering (the crust) and filled with vermicelli's. some rich brownie recipe and whipped creme. then there was a savory pop-over with sweet and sour sauce, all turned out to be devoured within moments.

talking and playing tichu, making music and watching the chickens in the garden, some more playing and giggling, sharing live and being together.
and the girls prepared pizza for dinner. well those pizzas turned out great, rich and cheese and full of flavors (there was a vegetarian version, one with tuna and anchovies, and one with ham, lot's of vegetables on all of them.
and to top all the color and spring feel, a florist neighbor brought a big bunch of flowers over on saturday night. life is treating us with much more than i can hope for.

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