March 6, 2017


we took the day off and went for a little hike. we took the train to bauma and after a quick stop at the grocery shop, we went started our little adventure. the first stop were the ruins of "altlandenberg", just 15 minutes outside the town. amos, naomi and thea as well as myself, we had something to grill, water and hot tea and a backpack with dry split wood and matches. and as we are able to print in color now, even at home (got a new printer last friday), i was able to print us a map 1:10'000 super nice and helpful to get the older two to navigate. and then after reading the description, thea was the one who discovered the well...

i didn't plan into detail, so there was a lot of freedom, though we quickly decided, that we wanted to walk in the woods and the name of the near by creek "chämmerlibach" sounded intriguing. it was wonderful, especially now in mud season, the creek is flowing and there are many small and very high water falls, the highest must have been something like 25m. amos was quickly considering to go back with his big brother to explore and maybe even take a dip in one of the pools beneath a water fall.

for a lunch fire, to grill our sausages was the spot just right on "hoch landenberg", a castle hill with no ruins left but three bridges connecting the castle hills. we were glad to have our own dry wood to light a fire and grill our lunch. good thing amos as well as naomi are pathfinders and love these kinds of challenges. thea and i stood by and drank some tea...

from here it didn't take us more then 30 minutes and we stood on the door steps of the grandparents house in wila. that was planned and they had a yummy dessert ready for us. of course the kids liked that part too, and i can tell you, even hours later, everyone was able to detect by smell in the air, that we were out there in the woods and enjoying a little camp fire. goal achieved and happy kids.

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