March 21, 2017

the drink at night

a special treat was given to joel for his birthday. a very unique kind of single malt whisky, called "tunnelwasser", a so called swiss highland brand. well it's not just about the special drink, it's much more about the people we share time and joys and burdens.

we have spent some wonderful moments with each other. it has never really been about drinking or going out for drinks. most often it's just the moment of settling down, after a wild day with the kids, some intense meetings at work or toll taking discussions in the community. the moment of each day, when joel and i sit down in our "family office", the place both of us study or write, draw or read, listen or play with the kids, or what ever else. just about at 10pm it gets quiet and sometimes there happens a little toast. maybe to cool down, to enjoy the moment or to cheer for a little success in the past day. it has been those moments, which i feel have kept us sane on busy days. as well as slowed me down enough, to realize, that our relationship has to be taken care of. of course we talk and do things together, but those late evening hours have added to the joy of sharing my life with my best friend and husband.

and yes sometimes it's good to have other people join into those precious moment.

and here is a whisky taster at work, telling us all about the highland whisky from the rugenbräu in interlaken. the "tunnelwasser" has added a few more years, being stored in the granite tunnels of the lötschberg....

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