March 7, 2017

pastete :: pie

we had community dinner, 18 people around the table on sunday night. a wonderful gathering, each month on the first sunday night, we gather to eat together, the people of our house and next door. now and then i'm cooking for all and so i did this time. there were a few things in the fridge which needed to be eaten, then there is me wanting to introduce people to alternative eating habits... well it all ended up in the making of a pastry dough, which i prepared the day before and used no more any kind of plastic wrap but a cotton cloth soaked in bees wax, the "bees wrap".
i like the fact, that it is a natural product and i can reuse it for a long time.

one kind of the pie had ham in it, with a bit of chili mustard, the other kind was with smoked tofu and ginger-garlic paste. both kinds then got the same toppings, lentils with parsley, yellow bell peppers, mozzarella and raclette (a rather strong kind) cheese. all covered up with a layer of dough.

baked and served with mixed greens (the little black dots on the lettuce is grape seeds, i add them to all kinds of fresh greens, a good source of omega 3).
it was well liked and as the ham version was eaten much quicker, there were some brave folks, which tried the tofu kind amidst their aversion toward tofu, and they liked it!

and now, i can come up with new ideas for some food adventures...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

A community dinner sounds wonderful!! I'm looking forward to the nicer weather when we have our pot luck suppers in the back yard. Nothing is better than good friends and good food. Those pies look delicious!! xo

~ Wendy