March 16, 2017

spring time

it was laundry thursday, though there was not too big of a pile. happily just two loads and a wonderful spring breeze, lots of sunshine and warmth. i love sunny laundry days. hanging and folding out of doors in the warmth of the afternoon sun is my pleasure.
and today was even better, as thea was very much into helping with the folding. after coming home from cello lesson we both had a little snack and then got to work.

it was not just fresh smelling laundry to be folded and put away, but it was also the enjoyment of having spring flowers popping up all over the garden. it wasn't just me, enjoying the garden in the afternoons, the chicken love it too, scratching and sun bathing, it's so much fun to watch them. and an other plus, we get eggs like i have not seen. on some days all of the chickens are laying! so we are up to all kinds of egg dishes, lately lots of scrambled eggs, just simple and plain.

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