March 29, 2017

inside :: outside

a bit of a game::
inside, with lots of mixing and melting. cooking and baking, hosting, serving and eating together. our kitchen is a melting pot and it often feels, as it is the inside of a volcano. all cooking and expecting good things to happen. well, they do happen, every day and frequently a couple times a day.
often i'm just on my own, absolutely enjoying the solitude and wonders of food being prepared. but then it's often a bee hive in the kitchen too and everyone want's to eat and bake and help and just be in the middle of the making...

an other kind of a game::
this is right beneath the kitchen window, outside in the spring sun! the first plants are in full swing and watching the "gewöhnliche küchenschelle" grow, is exciting. first it's really all just green and there are a few twisted knobs which all of a sudden will open up and popping out is one of those wonderful bells...
life is exciting, spring is so full of new things, new life and new growth.
i should expect it, it's the same thing every year....

but still it's wondrous and exceptional, eye catching the least. it is a wonderful thing and i just go with mother nature and enjoy it. running in warmer temperatures is definitely a liked by me. not that i minded the zero to five celsius temps but the five to ten is best!

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