March 13, 2017

the walk with the girl

thea and me went on a long walk on saturday afternoon, she is loving such outings and is so happy when we go. this  time it was just the two of us, joel was going to pick us up 90 minutes later, as we went to visit friends for dinner. it was mid afternoon and the sun was already on it's way down, i spotted the bright purple daphne meznereum (seidelbast in german). it is a wonderful taste of spring, a cheerful sign of life and warmth to come.

running ahead, and especially down the stairs, make both of us laugh and cheer at the moment. it is good for me, to see and experience the youngest in our family, she is very lively and head strong. lots of energy is in her body, running, jumping and jostling, loving to hold hands, push and pull on my arms.

we discovered a tree felled by a beaver, a special sight. what a treat, not that we met the animal, but we inspected the work of this busy animal. it is exciting to see, what a beaver can do with his teeth. and i imagine, it even must be fun to gnaw down a tree.

it got cool, as soon as the sun went down at the horizon. it's still early in the year, but spring is calling and we love it.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Lovely photos! Love the beaver's tree. Fantastic find for you both. We're in the midst of a big snowstorm. More than 14 inches of snow so far. Spring sounds good right about now. : ) xo

~ Wendy