February 4, 2008


the kids really wanted cheese fondue. as it brings all the memories of visiting grandparents in switzerland back.....
of course i couldn't say no!
i love fondue too and we still had some prepared cheese in the fridge.
i got the garlic ready, the caclone out and the rally pointy forks! that's the best of it, the loooooong forks...
as you can imagine, it didn't take long until the yummy cheese was all gubled up. three happy children drinking some more earl gray.
and before i know all eager to listen to stories, all cuddled up under their warm quilts.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so this is what you do when Mark, Shannon and I leave to watch the Super Bowl. No fair! :)

Contos que eu história said...

I was just "zapping" some blogs, til I came to this one.
I´m from Brazil, and me, my wife and kids love fundue too. Now its summer here, and the cheeses´ price is l at low cost.
Well... what a stupid thing to say.

Just trying to get some contacts and friends outta this country

Be a happy family.. ever

evandro.sanhes at gmail.com