February 2, 2008


even the king is served from the field
ecclesiastes 5:9

i'm enjoying Plenty so much, it is inspiring and challenging at the same time. it is a great adventure to be taken to the 100 miles around vancouver. to be taken along for exploratory tours into the frasier valley, along the cheakamus and the salish coast.
having to think of where our food comes from, how disconnected we are from the plenty right here in new england. the plenty which is not anymore the plenty it was many decades ago, when there was an abundance of what ever we can imagine, to take from. we still are taken a breath by nature and what it gives us, it still is magical when you start to explore it. but we lost sight of what it was, what we are missing, what we lost over 1000 of years.
i'm "eating" up every bit of sun beam i can gather and it is more and more, spring is already in the air. i know it will be cold and gray for many more days before spring starts. but that doesn't hinder me to enjoy the bright warmth even more!

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