January 17, 2011

quince fruit leather

i got two pounds of quince paste from my mom. a friend of mine has made a sweet quince fruit gelee, every year around christmas. i just didn't have the time to squeeze it in this past season and never before had the chance to get a hold of quince.
this past week, i got to work with the quince puree, two pounds of it and exact the same amount of brown sugar, i got this from here. this and this are other general recipes for fruit leather.

after cooking the puree for one hour i spread it very thin (~3mm) on two cookie sheets, on top of baking paper.

after three days of air drying the sheet was ready to be cut. the fruit leather together with the paper had to be cut into stripes.

and then rolled up...
it was a bit sticky, though that's ok, we all love sugar don't we...
(sorry the colour of this photo, i turned the light on and didn't change the setting on my camera, i know the yellow tint looks creepy)

and here we go, all the nicely rolled up quince fruit leather stacked up, ready to be snacked away. amos already announced that he loves fruit leather. it is something i have not found here and we all loved those treats back in america.
it might be soon becoming a habit of mine to have fruit leather in the making, it is easy works to produce on the side and in big quantities.

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Eileenmc said...

Wow homemade fruit leather! I never thought of making this before. Just noticed that you can make it from bruised fruit. Can't wait to make a batch!