January 25, 2011

the hat is off the needles

i got this wonderful wool from a friend, she undid a sweater and asked me if i'm interested in the "old" wool. of course i am. and here we go, i took amanda soule's hat pattern and started to knit. this is a quick knit, no stopping. except if thea had to go... and to take some photos.

i knit it for myself, but naomi claimed yesterday, that her hat was to small. it didn't cover her ears anymore. ok that was true, she likes to wear big hats, covering hears and forehead and almost her eyes too. so there we go, i have to knit again, maybe this time it will stick with me!

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Such nice yarn! I can almost feel it. I hope you get a hat out of it, too......maybe knit in the closet! :)