January 26, 2011

taking a hike together

it is not that often that we all together head out on a sunny cold afternoon for a hike. but if we do, we enjoy it. frequently the discussion get's started by joel, the boys are in disagreement about joel's idea, the discussion goes on and together we try to figure out how to make it work for each family member.
most often, those conversations gulp up their time and at the end we find our self's very close to the initial idea...
though that's ok, it makes us all feel like we had "the say" (at least i live in that illusion) and as soon as we leave the house behind us and climb up into the woods or hop on the train to bring us a bit farther out into the country side, we do well together.

of course there are more discussions on which path, or much more which "not path" to take. this time elias got the compass and a whistle in his pocket and navigated around us... it was a lot of fun to see him disappear and hide, as he ran up steep and hard to travel terrain under his feet.

the rest of us mostly stayed on track and i really enjoyed the pattern of shadows and sunshine in the woods.

discoveries are an important part of such hikes. this time it was a high seat, the hunters will be using such seats, they are about 25 feet or so up in the air, accessible by a ladder. not to hunt, but to count animals, wild boars, foxes, deer etc.

after the first half hour of not seeing elias he showed up with this very cool branch, which had to be carried up a steep snow covered mound and unloaded by a tree...

such sights are rewarding. what a silhouette.
of course a big choir of angels was being made into the untouched snow, and they had to sing a few songs too...
(yes we all sang out loud and loved to soak in the warming sunshine)

on the other side down the hill.
they called it "fuedli-schlittle" (literally bumm-sledding)
lots of laughter, lots of joking and lots of snow all over and lots of happiness coming home to a cup of hot cider with whipped creme and caramel sauce!
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Kerry said...

These photographs are so beautiful. I also love your description of the decision-making process in your family and the fact that you honor it rather than being frustrated by it... I need more work in that area!

BecomingClaudine said...

These are simply beautiful photographs! There is so much to discover and savor on such an adventure!