September 20, 2008

a saturday in september

a wonderful sunny warm september saturday has been greeting us this morning.
with all kinds of different plans, this was wonderful.
joel and elias soon took off to their music classes. joel takes a group concertina class and elias does once more a fiddle class at cce. (the guy you see is elias's teacher...)
neighbors stopped by to see if we are home for a little visit. this was the perfect opportunity to just the stuck on the deck behind the house, sitting in the sun and having the kids play in the sand box and running around the house. it's good to have time for each other! thank you k, m, and h!
amos had a planned outing with his friend. picnic and treeclimbing event at franklin park! some real climbing with the "boston area recreational treeclimbers"! this does sound good, and especially at such a sunny day as we have it.
naomi and i were digging up some plants from the front yard to bring it to the bnan perennial divide. we like this event, swapping plants and just seeing gardener friends. this time we also got to see and listen to a beekeeper showing us how he handles his beehives. it was fun and we got some blue and white iris roots to put into our yard. will see next spring if the colours are what they are supposed to be.
no photos today, as i was just too lazy to carry the camera along.

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