September 22, 2008

taking a bath

very often the kids take their bath's with joel watching not me.....
it would just be too much for me to take photos at the end of the day with the kids going wild in the water... but joel is totally up to it, so often he is clicking away and of course there are good things happening!
two samples here!

in the mean time i'm trying to get ready for our trip, half a suit case is packed with gifts. you could find the most curious things in that luggage at the moment. organic fair trade decaf cascadia blend from J.P.Licks, pancake mix from airow head mills, new england salt water taffy, a finger puppet (an egg with a chick appearing...), some fun toys for all the cousins, quiet a few shirts from Life is good! and so on..... not to mentionen, that i also packed a few jars of my own crabapple jam.
yeah! we leave tomro

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