September 23, 2008

we are almost in the air!

almost, but not yet!
all of a sudden i found myself alone, all by myself in the kitchen this morning. it was not planned that way but i take it and enjoy the quiet before the storm.
elias is at a class with it's title "jaws and claws" at the natural history museum with his homeschool friends.
amos at the zoo with his friend a.
naomi tagged along with our neighbor to the arboretum. on such a lovely late summer day (yes it feels still like that, even though autumn officially begun two days ago!) out side is the best place.
i had to convert a rest of a big zucchini into a quick bread, it's already out of the oven now! do a quick run to hatched for a birth gift for the new nephew arriving within the next week. and of course my brothers birthday is coming up and we are even able to be at his house in switzerland! wow, it was a long time since we celebrated with him, but he will get a little something (no i'm keeping it a secret...)
o, by the way, my maternity pants are finished and done, ready to wear. i'm happy, very happy the way they turned out, simple and they do feel very nice.
so, this is enough for today, no photos i packed the download terminal already. the plan is to do a month of daily photos from our time in switzerland......
we will see if i'm able to overcome the technical hurdels, if not, o well!

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