January 12, 2011

things i want to do in 2011

in these bleak january days my thoughts were pondering what i will be able to do in this newly started year. i made a list and as i started to ponder, think, the wishing started happening...
the list doesn't look too different from past years, that's ok. i like to be able to enjoy some of the traditions we got started of the past years and sometime they just need a little tweaking for the future. i do also feel like this year will be a bit more settled, as it is the second in our house in switzerland since we arrived here in november 2009. and still there will be lots of new and exciting events and adventures happen, without us doing a whole lot of planning. the one thing i'm excited for elias and joel is their summer trip to boston! we all would love to hop along, but this will not happen, and i settled for it not to happen. sela

1. participate in the project "stop armut"
2. being calm, loving and firm in discussions with our kids
3. finishing elias' quilt
4. sewing some more hairbands for the girls, and maybe me too
5. knitting a skirt for naomi and a few more projects...
6. getting into a rhythm for prayer time and contemplation
7. start running again (when it gets a bit more pleasant outdoors)
8. read a book a month (this includes cook- and craft books)
9. organize a german-conversation group for my neighbor friends
10. spend some time in a cabin high up in the swiss alps
11. get into the habit of doing ATC's for myself and with the kids
12. write my a card a month to my godchild
13. visit my friend a
14. go to a session at the maiers with joel
15. take a photo a day
16. bake and cook with new recipes

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