December 28, 2007

a pleasant morning

it has been such a pleasant morning. sleeping in, watching the clouds move on a blue sky, the sunbeams reaching through. even the kids played peacefully in the boys room! wow, what a treat to start the day.
almost oven warm bread for breakfast and honey, a cup of hot tea, and no argument who gets the jam first....
it's noon now, we got a lot done already and joel's flute is in the mail too, lunch simmering on the stove, what else do i want?
being a mom of three, trying to somehow get the learning and living in one and the same life covered, as well as enjoying it.
maybe i will be able to get the mittens done tonight, it has been so much fun to finish up little projects. as soon as i'm done i will post a pic. they are the target mittens from knitting nature.

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