January 6, 2008

the present

for a start into a new year, i consider a new blank booklet a wonderful start. this motivated me to get one for each of the kids. each was individually decorated, just little, not much but the goal was to make it resound with their personalities.
  • elias got some very geometric lines, plaene, skizzen, ideen, gedanken, farbpaletten

  • amos got some a red and black "line rider" over the front and first two pages

  • naomi's got a girlish look with pink and lilac meandering lines. i did some more outlines of things throughout the booklet, as she loves to color and to extend given drawings...
the three of them were so happy and very exited to get started in scribbling things into their personal note books, amos wanted phone numbers of his friends! i would have not guessed that one. elias is keeping his booklet hidden and doesn't want to waste it with just anything.... it has to be something special. naomi was within a moment coloring the pages in bright red and yellow!
it turned out to be "the present", i'm happy to be their mom!

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