May 5, 2008

wildlife and sun hat

we went to our usual spot at the arnold arboretum, the hazelnut bush. it's a favorite, close to the ponds and the hazel for itself is so cool to play with. it's boat, a house, a fort, what ever the kids come up that moment. elias discovered a robins nest with three eggs in it! what an exciting find, he was so nervous and could almost not climb down the bush!
lots of tadpole catching and relies, they were very small but tons of them around. of course the sandals and socks were no longer on their feet and the pants rolled up high! it's spring in new england and we are thankful for it.

the big sighting was not the yellow finches or the red winged black birds, not even the rabbit.... we spotted a big snapping turtle.

we did also enjoy a good picninc, naomi had to have her new sun hat on her head... i know it's huge though i love her "pattington" look. and she likes the hat sewn by mama a lot, which is a big compliment to me.
i used lotta jansdotter simple sewing "sun hat" pattern. it was fun to make.

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