October 30, 2008

an autumn day

a good day has gone by, violin lessons, play time with a friend, thank you i for coming over to play seek and hide with us, it was fun!
some schoolwork got done before lunch, wow and then after lunch once more math especially for elias...
the sun was out so we had to go outside and enjoy it! naomi on her bicycle, elias with the push cart for the csa and amos enjoyed the walk talking with me. i'm definitely getting slower by the day.... yes a few more days, maybe a couple of weeks? who knows when the baby decides to join our household in person! we are all looking forward, there still have to be a few things done until i feel totally ready.
- the swing mounted in the kitchen
- the basket put on my bedside
- the little cloths sorted and put in order
- the name settled...
- the quilt still needs some quilting and casing to be done
- maybe lot's of other things but my legs feel tired so i'm done for today...

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