February 27, 2014

two kinds of projects

... are going on today.
o those girls have lots of energy, right after breakfast the idea of making a birthday crown for tomorrow was the first thing which they needed paper and markers, scissors, washi tape and a bit of help. of course thea as well as her dear cousin wanted also a crown for themselfs, not just for the birthday person of tomorrow! how great is that, to start the day with crafting as soon as the sun is rising and the little tummies are filled...

and then yesterday i cast on for the annabel cardigan. it's kind of a trial, as i use a finer yarn, lark instead of the suggested osprey. i  hope for a size small to fit naomi and so i cast on a few more stitches as the small suggest in osprey...
we will see how everything will turn out. so far so good. i have 5 skeins of the colour bark if it doesn't last, i will add a stripe of something else. for sure an adventure, but easy and fast knitting all in garter stitch. and yup i started the book and laughed a lot and read aloud and amos laughed, so much fun to read a book out loud and understand what the writer is saying and do this with my 12 year old boy!!

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