December 30, 2018

finishing up the year

the year is on it's last leg, or better arriving at it's peak...
it is not really this or that, but i decided to look back a bit and try to put it into a few words. not very elaborate or eloquent, just rambling along. as i'm sitting down and keep on breathing, it's not a question of life or death, it's the moment of being still and take it all in now.

as i work through many struggles, and i don’t give up. i work hard to learn from made mistakes. if there’s something i really want to do, i work to stick with it.
i’ve found that, more often than not, from every failed attempt, there’s something of value to take away. i hope to model resilience for my children,with my efforts to persevere.

most everything i do helps me, to stay balanced — and also brings me joy.
this is true for the past year and will still stick with me in the coming year. and so i decide in the spur of the moment, that i don't tally up my list of 2018. (you can look at it, and i do so too, in the mid year "list poste". and with this i close the year, glad for all of it and grateful for the learning experiences i got.

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