December 30, 2019

the list at the end of year

I believe that when you slow down and savor the small things, you don’t have to wish for a different life; you can discover beauty in the life you already have.
And in this spirit I want to finish up this year.

 :: aquiring a new skill. i have not decided what, but i will take steps to aquire some thing new. along
             the lines of crafting or writing or photography, maybe some where else... though i will
             remind myself, as i look at this list!
-- not done, but there is a need of a lot of new things to learn next year! (more to be written, later
             into 2020)

:: become might be an over used word, right now. though i want to focus on becoming a better
             listener. learning to be more empathic and understanding.
--  YES, i even have fun writing this in capital letters. as i have done a 10 day seminar in counceling.

:: craft is the art of making. creative reuse of all kinds of things. i want to utilize what i have and
              own. and also keep in mind that some times there needs to be thinking out of the box.
-- there have been many moments of crafting and upcycling, the out of the box thinking is still to be
             trained and practiced more frequently.

:: d...

:: elate (to make happy) in what my days are bringing. it is the teaching at home and in school, that
              brings joy to me and is carrying me into new experiences.
-- it has been bringing me much joy and happyness to teach the katechism. riding my new bicycle is
              also elating, and well running the 10k under 50min made me very happy!

:: fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. ecclesiastes 12:13
             this the vers i want to cling to and find out what the meaning of it is and can be for me. there
             is not a focus on fear, but i wanted to put it on my list and the k was already taken. though
             there is that common theme of keeping...
-- one thing about keeping, not fearing, is. eating breakfast and reading scripture together as a family.

:: guard the space we as a family need. within our community, at dinner tables and sticking with
            what we learned worked for us. make room for adventures just with one of the kids.
            mind thespace, the teenagers and young adults need.
-- i'm learning and i have been doing well in many regards. one of them is; don't talk and ask about
            school with n. and yes it definitely improved our relationship. an other is, not to worry about
            the tests and papers the boys have to get done. it's their life and their priority, not mine.

:: hold on to physical exercise. keep running as it is a good mesure for my mental well being. the 25k
             a week are attainable and some strengthening exercises should be added twice a week.
-- not perfect, but good enough and the 25k a week was attained.

:: irish music, there has been a wonderful house concert last year at st.patricks day. lets do it again.
-- and we did it again, very successful on april 5th

:: j...

:: keep praying at the core of my evening routine.
              simply stick with the compline at the end of the day.
-- i keep praying, not a perfect every evening routine, i want to keep on trying.

:: laugh a lot and in good companie. it helps to overcome the ernest and serious battle of the daily
              grind. and i want to get better at it and learn to see and enjoy the sunny side of life, even
              when it sucks.

:: mend what is broken and needs tending. mending socks and pants and all kinds of clothes is a good
              thing and i will keep the pile of clothes near the sewing machine low.
--  6 pairs of jeans, some broken bottoms, some knees and some torn belt latches
              2 kitchen towles and 3 dishwash rags
               yes i do mend underwear and quiet a many pairs, it does safe us a lot of money, as biking
               takes it's toll at "wearing out" pants of all sorts.
               stitching together little holes in e's sweaters as well as my cardigan, which is coming into
               the years (finished in february 2012)
               some friends working pants and yes loads more!

:: notice and pay attention to the little and unnoticable things in my every day life. especially while
              teaching, i want to support and strengthen the kids.
-- yes this is a good intention and i will keep a little note on my desk.

:: o...

:: photography is a means of going through life more careful. keep on taking pictures.
-- i'm not bloging frequently anymore, i still take photos and post them once a week. that's fine
              and keeps me on my toes in regards to "walking careful" thorugh my days.

:: quasimodogeniti is reminding me of the chruch year. it is the first sunday after easter. i want to
              keep the rhythm of the round of a year. the simplicity and the enjoyment of celebrating,
              drives the every day, into the wonderful ongoings of expectation and celebration.
-- good reminder and every scripture reading, is pointing me further in the year.

:: reading i have to keep reading and i want to read. it also is rewarding to look at the list of writen
               books. and that's why i keep the r going as last year. 

:: simplicity is a focus word. making life and work and and projects simpler. focus on simple matters
              should be shaping my thinking and doing more. make what you use, borrow what you need.
-- i want to keep this on my radar and little by little, my life is getting simpler (but it also takes
              courage and builds character).

:: take a second look at situations which trouble me. and try to jot down the sources and possibilities
              causing the trouble.

:: u...
:: velocity what a cool word, not that i understand the realm of "getting faster"....
-- i got a new VELO, that's what we swiss call a bicycle and it is a wonderful vehicle. the same
             frame as i had for the past 9 years, a bmc alpenchallenge!

:: wanderlust is what i'm thinking already about, it notches me to the "outdoor activity" area at the
              library and made me buy new boots last summer. there should be a few hikes with thea as
              well as some higher and more challenging ones with joel.
-- a week in the dolomites with the whole family. three days in november, all out doors, fun and the
              boots served me well.

:: relax a bit more, i want to be calm and relaxed and it should be internalized and become second
              nature for me. especially in situations when things or people explode around me
-- i worked on this one for breakfast. a little change and still practicing, putting a plate and cup on
              the table for me too. this makes me sit down with everyone else, instead of serving and just
              sitting down for scripture reading.

:: yellow there is something about the glow and lightness of this color. there should be more, i want ot
             dedicate some time and doing for a series on it.
-- not done, and carrying this one over for next year.

:: zoo the zurich zoo has some fantastic elephant park, it is  i want to see. it has been opened in 2014
             and i have not seen it yet...
-- yes i was there today, a vacation outing with amos and thea. it was exciting and not just the
             elephant park is great, i absolutely enjoyed the masoala rainforest too.

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