May 29, 2012

crocheting is happening

we got a good time crocheting over the weekend, the hocks were picked up and naomi as well as elias got started with new projects, while i was happily doing granny squares for the sampler afghan. simple 3 rows, 14 of them. it was lots of fun, and yes i'm already impatiently waiting for next friday's "week 3", by blair
i'm so loving the simple crocheting and still it's new to me. i have not crochet for a long time...
and using up old stash is fun and feels so good to me. i love shopping for yarn and wool, it's so wonderful to feel the new strands and choose new colours. but for now i'm very content to use what's in the house, though i got two new balls, a pink and a light blue. it was needed to brighten up the rather dull stash in my house.
i'm very curious how everything will end up looking, and i'm so up for the surprise.

naomi an elias started working on some kind of potholders with strong cotton thread. it's rather hard to work with it, but they didn't give up yet and there are some clear goals set.


house on hill road said...

yours are looking great! i love the colors you have - nice way to work through a stash.

Casey said...

I like the colors you're using :)