June 7, 2012

the project of the past days

and voila, over and done with it, my parents picked the invitations up this afternoon and will send them out tomorrow...

it was a collaborative sort of project we have undertaken over the course of the past few days. i got started with some ideas of vines and the colour green. though it was looking rather sad and instead of cheerful and inviting. and so we discussed mathers over the phone and figured a whole vine with it's fruit dangling. a first draft was drawn and sent to dad to look it over.
it was interesting to hear his comments: "the roots of the vine are all totally burried in the soil, please don't show them, but rather put some grass there." ok easy enough, "one more leave and at the top a reaching shoot, as the vine is yearning to grow", and one last comment, "please add a trellis stick to support the vine." of course there were many clear reasons given, why he wanted those details this way. i'm glad that he appreciates my work and also thinks about it, makes it his own, which very much is what i desired.

and then of course there had to be some colouration and fabric involved, just a little hint of creativity and collage, a bit of my passion for texture. joel was kind enough to give me helpful comments and guide me through some computer programs...

we both, my dad and i are very happy to have the final product in our hands and send them out to family and friends. it is hard work, it takes time, it takes a sense of adventure and putting one self out there. i'm glad i have taken the opportunity to do so and feel blessed and grateful, seeing my father's face light up today as he held the invitations to his birthday party in hand.

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