July 30, 2013

granny squares week 4

it has been a while since i posted the last time about this summers granny square project. first of all, i did notice, that it's not as easy to carry it with me (of course i new that, but was not really aware how much that would hinder me of working on this project all summer long...). so, here i'm back after a couple weeks off. i was sewing, though never felt like i could show anything more than the week before. that seems like a mistake now, as i search through my photos. well it happened and i will not undo my work just to take pics.
i added the white border fabric to the blocks and am right now in the process of sewing the blocks together.

of course all the blocks were on the floor for over 24hours, getting switched around, looked at and once more switched and changed over and over again. i ended up putting them together in a very different way, as i laid them out at first. though this is a process, a playtime i totally like and enjoy and everyone in the house has to put up with my blocks on the living room floor for an unknown few hours. it's over now, the sewing together is of this quilt top is in fast progress....

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