August 5, 2014

celebrating switzerland

as it has become a custom in switzerland, on the first of august, the "swiss independence day", and yes we do have an equivalent to the declaration of independence, the "federal charter". we celebrate this day, the 1st of august, with a big brunch in the garden, welcome friends and family and linger and enjoy the day. of course visiting good friends later in the day, grill what ever is determiner as being the delicacy of the day and enjoying their backyard.

we have been talking about fire works for days o better weeks in advance. and now as the day has been past, we all enjoyed a bunch of loud and colourfull "stuff" as well as the far away fire works put on by some of the surrounding towns.
thank you dear friends for celebrating with us.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Wonderful photos!! Looks like you had a fun day of celebrating!! : )

~ Wendy