December 18, 2015

pine cones :: good planning

in time for winter decorations, i stumbled over a little crate with pine cones. a bit of looking around and a quick search on pinterest.... there were those dozen and more ideas how to do this. i didn't want it shiny or artificial, just plain pine cones.
a wire coat hanger and some thin wire were quickly gathered and it was fun, exciting and so quick.
my moment of pause, i didn't have enough pine cones after 20 minutes of binding and tying. well that was helped at the morning run yesterday.... a detour in the forest was all i needed. resting the still moist and closed cones on the sill above the radiator for an other day and then they were ready. so this morning i finished the wreath and it hangs now near the entrance door of our house. i like it and am happy to have done something with my own hands a bit of nature and up-cycling that wire coat hanger...

what else is going on, lots!
in not even a week we are celebrating christmas and we are all excited. there has been two weeks of events and still many meetings in the evenings for us grown ups. but this is now over and we really have an empty calendar for the next two weeks. this is so enabling and yes i like the way it turns out, that my planning is working out.
the kids are out of school for two weeks and naomi already off at my parents house for a few days, amos also visiting, we have just two kids home for the coming 24 hours.... wonderfully strange and calm.
so i'm looking forward to what ever crosses my path. of course there is a list, but i'm fine with keeping lists and love to cross off each line, when done.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

That came out so beautifully!! I really love to include nature in my holiday decorating as well. Hope you're having a nice weekend!! : )

~ Wendy