August 18, 2019

a bit out of rhyth ...

this is a short summery of our family vacation this summer. it is not complete at all and i don't clame to tell you everything with those pictures. it is a little retrospective on our 10 days in the area of the south tirolian mountains, called the dolomites.
it is a wonderful corner in the heart of europe. exciting mountains, surprising history and very kind people. we all, the whole RN gang camped in one tent and we moved around in a wv transporter van. there was lots of laughter and many a discussion we had. we played games, mostly skypo "lisa-style" and there was an other tradition we enjoyed, joel and amos did a wonderful job in reading aloud to us. a fun detective story, "J is for judgment" by sue grafton. listening was super fun!

thank you kids for coming along!

 :: climbing up on one of many "via ferrata", which kind of "litter" the dolomites

:: cinque torri

:: cadini group

:: camping and traveling... (alla baita)

:: sentiero bonacossa – cadini di misurina

:: merano (seen from on top of the gun powder tower)

:: above pfelders, super cool down hill, after a day of hiking up and over and back
   and lots of adventures

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