April 12, 2006

the train ride with my kids was fun, lots to see and our energetic 2 year old naomi wanted to run wild!
switzerland has an amazing network of public transportation. which i discover in a very new way, how it feels to use public transportation as a means of going about dayly life with 3 kids in tow. hopping on the bus changing onto the train and using a network of city buses to do shopping, visiting, and beeing so quickly at my needed destination.
altough today it was a bit more dificult with naomi, she very much wanted to wander around and visit the other people on the train. looking at them coming back to me with a quite loud voice, telling me everything which comes to her mind about that specific person. she was climbing the seats, run to the bath room(which by the way is available on every passanger car, and surprisingly clean)3 times within an hour. amos as all the times has to eat and of course it must be his chocolate bunny. he can not eat just by himself, no all of us have to take a bite from it and this about 3 times, as it would be unfair if just he would get all of the bunny. now all of us messy, covered in milk chocolate. luckely i was thougthful a couple of weeks ago and put a couple napkins in his backpack, they came in handy, to clean our hands and mouths.
you can imagine, after a 75 minute train ride twice today (not to mention that we had to change trains 3 times each ride)i was ready to hand the three kids over to my mom and let them take a bath together in the barell behind the house.

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