March 28, 2009

painting "with klee"

i had the kids tonight and we ran around the house for almost an hour. it's great to have the dark of the night not creeping in already at 5pm...
there was not a lot of preparation involved on my end, i love paul klee and am very familiar with his works. and then, it just so happened that i stumbled upon two books, Paul Klee animal tricks and the newly issued Paul Klee coloring book. Two great resources to enjoy his work with kids. i could not resist, having 5 kids around the kitchen table, to give them the same sheet of paper with a few lines on it already and see how each of them transforms it into their own "masterpiece".

this is the original piece i showed them with a few comments and a short discussion of what we see and what paul klee inteded when he painted it for his niece...
(his niece was sick in bed, he wanted to explain to her, from where our good food is... the egg and the good roast!)

elias started out the way we discussed it, lots of water with little paint, a typical way for paul klee to work on his paintings.

z fell in love with turkoise, as soon as he discoverd it in his colour palette.

there was lot's of talking going on about the colour turkois. all five used it at some point, it was there in the original, but not very permanent. the younger ones loved the painting with mor pigments, watering down was not really on their mind. bright and clear lines.

naomi wanted to go on with her paints... as she usually does! i didn't expect anything else. i handed her a card and a sharpy to start out with drawing something and then colouring it in with the paints.
lovely isn't it. she is definitly the painter in the house and very determined in her intention. no distraction and no ones input wanted.
alright with me, let her work and i will enjoy the result.

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