March 18, 2009

signs of spring

it has been a great long and snowy winter. we enjoyed it and stayed a lot indoors.... more then i expected, still it was a good winter.
but it is pulling us outdoors now! temperatures in the mid fourties (~8 C in the metric system....) no hats no mittens and crocs on our feet! the boys love theirs, i do mine too and naomi has first to search for her's (they are next to her bed, but she refuses to look for them and take them down stairs).
we went to the library, harvest, walked amos' favorite path's and walls, stopped at the play ground for an other hour and then headed home. where elias stayed outside and quickly read "revolutionary war on wednesday" (by mary pope osborne). amos got a few old magazins from the librarien, he treasures all the ladybug, kids national geographic, ranger rick ones, reads them over and over again.
naomi of course could not be without a craft, she was doing some beadwork for a special friend, a so called key chain, adding a key ring with a few cartboard keys, sorry no photos of that one.

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