April 3, 2009


for the past few years i tried to get an amaryllis to bloom in my house. it did bloom once one two years ago, until it got knocked down with still three of the four blooms closed shot. last year i ordered a bulb online, don't know anymore where, but it turned out, that they didn't ship to the northeast until the danger of frost is over. yes ha ha ha, that was mid april and the i totally missed out on the flower.
o and then there was the white goddess, which i planted one year. i have given that one to a friend, when it was ready to bloom, don't know why. of course that one bloomed wonderfully at her house!
this year one of the old bulbs came back and left me waiting until just two days ago! but it's open now and the stem just broke off....
i still enjoy it, it's a wonderful blossom i will treasure it in a vase for the next few weeks.

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