April 17, 2009

egg coop

finally after almost one whole year i'm telling you a bit more how it has been going with our egg coop...
as for now we are 14 families who are participating in the coop. every other week one family is picking the eggs up at chip-in farm in bedford.
so today was our pick up week and what a sunny day, perfect to pay the country side a visit. i have also been reading about chip-in farm in the edible boston magazin, which was interesting and nice to see.
it took us about 45 minutes to arrive at the farm in bedford, a little convenience store belongs to the chicken coop. and because i was calling ahead to have the 26 dozen eggs ready shopping was done very quickly. of course we had to talk and pet the goats. the orange pig was not to be misse and the one year old zick neither.
we also went for a little walk in the woods behind the farm. finding all kinds of things and elias could once more take his pocket knife out to do some stick carving.
on our way back home we took a bit a longer route, but were stoping by at concord museum. and of course looked at the neatly groomed and decorated houses around town. they are so ready for patriots day!

we could not just drive by our little beloved spot in newton, it's called "lost pond sanctuary" yes the pond seems to be lost in the woods. this is a place elias and i discovered when he was about two years old. we went there with the "puddle stompers" a very cool nature explorer group. if elias is a reference, that group and experience got him hooked, he loves everything wild and wett, and if it is alive even better!
this was also the place where elias was "scratching" his violin strings for the first time, about four years ago. after we went to johnson's to get the rental violin, we stopped by the sanctuary, and of course he had to take the instrument out. today he remembered that moment! i was very happy, that he was connecting this little spot of land with his instrument.
those latter two photos are by elias

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