May 7, 2009

eco cup

city feed and supply our neighborhood store! is using "corn cups", i'm not a regular iced coffee drinker and was surprised, when i got this cup today. as soon as i ordered my iced coffee, i realized, that i didn't bring my own cup. usualy i do this, but when i left the house today, i was not really thinking of getting a hot or cold beverage from around the corner. my focus was more on the kids and walking to the boat house on time for elias to do some sailing with his friend.
anyway, naomi and i ended up at city feed and supply and i was really hot and thirsty. i ordered an "iced decaf americano" and got it in the "compostable cup"! this really made my day and i'm so happy that we are able to compost coffee cup's to go.
for myself, i will still bring my own coffee mug to drink take out beverages, i still prefere the non plastic version to drink from!

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