July 15, 2009

o amos...

our hero he lost an other little tooth! there are a few more who have to wiggle themselves out.
we enjoyed a wonderful summer day, stopping by at our garden. loving to see the lettuce and tomatoes grow! picking black raspberries from the bushes around the house. playing and swimming, with friends, having friends over for dinner and really enjoying a slow day. at least for me and thea, and i need those day's once in a while.
now, there is live music in my living room beer and dessert ready to be served.

thank you m, m and t for coming over and letting me listen in on your passionate music making with joel.
one more thing, i braved the warm summer night to hang laundry tonight, in order to not having to get up early in the morning...

o and by the way i managed to book our flight out of LA in november, back to europe, one way!!! but until then there will be lots of traveling adventures.

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