July 29, 2009

an other day

lots of things going on in and around our house. thea seems to enjoy the busyness around her and of course being on the deck behind the house is one of her favorite places.

one of the enjoyable duties for the kids, watering the newly planted shrubs around the house. any cup or bucket will do and of course it ends up with everyone being involved in a water battle...

just before i wanted to call for dinner the kids asked me if they would be allowed to play with/in the little kids pool. i wanted to say no, as it was interfering with my evening planning, but i could not say no.
this turned out to 45 minutes of fun. everyone was happy and at the end clean! what more would i have wanted. -nothing-

the sorting and packing goes on, today joel sorted through his whistles...
he has now two sets, one ready to be taken onto our journey and an other heap to be shipped across the atlantic to our new place starting in november.

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