October 7, 2009

the pacific!

after a night at "camp switzerland" in the san bernadino mountains, we made it all the way across the nation and arrived at the coast of the pacific!
it was wonderful and very special to see the sandy shores of california, south of los angeles. our first night was at doheny state beach, a wonderful little spot, where wave riding is as big as as it's white crested waves.
it didn't take us long until we owned a boogy board. since then it has been used a lot already. the water is much saltier here as i remember it being in boston. and it is also much warmer, this is good news for me, as swimming in the atlantic in new england was not my thing.
we also picked up franziska, and we enjoy her presence. it has gotten a bit more crowded in our house, but the weather has been great, so the house is really just needed for sleeping.
last sunday night i went for a walk at the beach at san elijo and met an other mom. we both had our babe's bundled up on our backs and realized quickly, that they were just one day apart.one more thing became quickly obvious, we both were home schooling our kids at some point...
they were planning to go to legoland on monday, as home schoolers got a special deal. although we realized, that would we would have had to sign up, we were able to hop along with two families and were able to get in for about a third of the regular prize.(which we would not have payed and skipped that fun). thank you s for the moment's together.
so today we have been stranded in san diego. shasta needed some love a knowledgeable hand of a mechanic...
we will be at the san diego zoo tomorrow...

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