October 22, 2009

the grand sequoias

we are back into civilization...
sequoia national park was wonderful. i felt like walking among angels being set in place by our God a couple thousand years ago. it is a magical place and i would want to go back just me and the stillness of those giants.

there are new pics on flickr
not much more. as for now we are heading to monterey aquarium and down the pacific coast, as well as trying to sell our shasta... (anyone planning a trip out west? this would definitely be a cheap way to travel..)


Anonymous said...

Hi Roth Naters! We just received your post card and were delighted to hear that you are enjoying the left (best) coast of the US (can you tell that Kristen is writing this!) We are glad to hear of your adventures, we miss you!!!!
All is good here...Jp isn't the same without you; we are making lanterns for the festival this weekend and thinking of you. Love
the O' Connors

Alicia said...

Hey, Daniela-

The pictures of Joshua Tree are wonderful!!!!! We miss you and we hope your trip to Switzerland is easy and safe. Be sure to send us your new address when you have it.
Alicia,Marvin, Alexa and Junebug

Cindy said...

You guys look like you're having SO much fun! The sequoias are amazing.