November 5, 2009

the last few days in america

we have not been on-line a whole lot, it's a big effort to find a free wi-fi source and having the whole family in tow, including house and all...
not much longer tomorrow is the big day. joel and the boys will return the rental motor home which we used the past three days. shasta has been sold including lots and lots of trouble but it is gone for good, the plates will be in the mail by the end of today.
dockweiler has become our second home. still, every day we discover new things be it at the beach, where elias and joel spend most of their time, or in the process of cleaning and packing our stuff for me. naomi and amos enjoy tons of time in "driving" the "house" to friends. which sounds something like: "you have to take a right at 5th ave., ok, then you go for two blocks and turn left onto yellow blv., it must be right there, o!! i see our friends. ok, i will help you back up into their drive way...." it is very serious and then of course visiting includes having a snack and gatorade (which has become amos favorite drink).
photos will be up on flicker by next week, it's a bit lame i know, but that's how it is for now.

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