November 18, 2009

a surprise before breakfast

today started with a surprise. just before we wanted to sit down for breakfast the piano tuner arrived, i didn't know as a housemate of ours planned the tuning. this of course was a wonderful moment for the kids to observe a master at his work. an open piano, a very specialized professional at work.
i stopped my work too and stood there, listening and watching. it has been a long time since i have observed a piano tuner at work.
a good way to start a new day. we do take the opportunities as they present themselves and call it school...
by the way, i got on the phone with the "schulpflege" and had a good chat about our kids starting school. naomi will have her first day of kindergarten in a week, i could pick her first day.... and decided that she will start on wednesday. as our plans for monday and tuesday are already set. we are going to meet the suzuki teacher at the konservatorium winterthur and a friend of ours will be visiting on tuesday, it would have been to bad if naomi could not have been with us and enjoy her "goetti" p. we will see and take it one day at the time, how our transition into public school will develop.

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Alicia said...

So much excitement, Daniela! We finally brought Alexa to the computer today to see the Switzerland photos, she laughed out loud with joy, especially at Thea eating her birthday cake. It doesn't seem possible that she is already a year old! Good luck with the school transition...I will be eager to hear more as it comes. Love to all!