November 13, 2009

not my own photo

slowly the things are getting more settled in our household. today i picked up with some blog reading...
i really didn't read a whole lot of the regular blogs over the past few months we were traveling. it was to complicated and we also were not willing to spend a lot of hours at coffee shops or books stores with wifi access....
so here we are and i stumbled upon my friend stacie's blog. you have to pay her a quick visit, she is such a great photographer and mom.
we stayed with her, her husband and three kids in denver a few days. back in august, when it was still summer. she took a few photos of me working on that yellow bamboo top for naomi, which by the way turned out great and naomi loved it and wore it on many many sunny days!

stacie's photo, which i absolute love, concentrated at work, with the babies intent eagerness of learning

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